I-DROP® PUR Eye Drops
I-DROP® PUR Eye Drops bottle
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I-DROP® PUR is a contact lens compatible, preservative-free eye drop for immediate relief of mild to moderate dry eye.

With 0.18% viscoadaptive hyaluronan, this premium artificial tear provides superior coverage of the eye and significantly longer lasting comfort.


  • 0.18% Viscoadaptive hyaluronan
  • Preservative-free
  • Immediate and lasting relief of dry eye symptoms
  • Superior comfort
  • Non-blurring upon application
  • Innovative bottle with one-way valve delivers one dosed drop at a time (no wasted product); the anti-bacterial tip ensures sterile delivery of each drop 

Compatible with contact lenses:

  • Yes, I-DROP® PUR can be used with contact lenses

Available Format:

10mL bottle

How to Use:

  • I-DROP® PUR can be used for up to 12 months after the bottle has been opened
  • Ensure hands are clean prior to use
  • Open safety seal
  • Turn bottle upside-down
  • Position central blue dot of bottle above desired application area
  • Carefully pull down lower eye lid
  • Gently squeeze bottle until a single drop forms and falls (this may take a few seconds)
  • Repeat on second eye
  • Flick off any residual liquid
  • Close cap tightly

Please note: After use, there may be a residual amount of liquid remaining on the blue tip. This confirms that the bottle is working as it was designed, and not drawing this liquid back into the bottle.

This step is critical in keeping the remaining solution sterile and safe. Even a minuscule amount of fluid, exposed to a non-sterile external environment, may become contaminated. If any residual solution remains on the bottle after use, simply flick it off with a brisk motion and close the cap properly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Aalam Hafiz


Christiane Perron
matin ou soir au coucher?

Préférable matin ou soir? et puis-je l'utiliser à tous les jours?

Martin G Mattes
Your eyes feel refreshed!

I have suffered with dry eyes for some time, and I-Drop Pur drops have really helped!

Marnie Smith


Christy Bacque
Fabulous eye-drops, good price, fast service

Like the title says, great eye-drops my ophthalmologist recommended at a good price with fast service. No preservatives and really help me.

So happy you had a positive experience! Please feel free to reach out to us and our staff will gladly assist with any of you needs or questions :)