Why Use Blue Lenses for Electronic Devices?

It’s 2018, and the presence of modern day technology continues to have a tremendous impact on our lives. We live in a society where bringing a laptop to school, making appointments and taking pictures on our smartphone has become a conventional practice. Nowadays, converting traditional paper books into “e-books” on the comfort of our own iPads is indeed a popular practice. However; although modern technology such as computers, smartphones, and tablets are designed to make our lives easier, such technology isn’t necessarily easy on the eyes. Children, teenagers, and adults alike are constantly exposed to the harmful blue rays projected by tablets, smartphones, computer LED lights, and T.V. screens. This is why glasses that contain blue lenses are essential for protecting every individual’s eyes from the everyday harmful blue rays we are constantly exposed to. Whether you are wearing a prescription or not, blue lenses should be incorporated into any individual’s life in order to ensure daily protection from the harmful blue rays that contribute to eye strain, headaches, sleep cycle disruption and macular degeneration. Our Izipizi readers provide great protection from the harmful blue rays we are constantly exposed to and we also have a great selection to choose from!