Blue Light and Healthy Eyes: The benefits to wearing corrective blue coated lenses

There has been some discussion lately about the effects of blue light on the human eye and whether or not corrective, blue coated eyewear, or sunglasses, will protect your eyes. The short answer is yes, these products do help to prevent blue light from entering the back of your eye and damaging your retina.. But what is it? Blue light comes from the sun, LED lighting, CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting), as well as from the electronics that are a part of our everyday lives: cell phones, tablets, televisions, etc. The blue light that we absorb through our naked eye can be harmful to the cells in our eyes and can affect our quality of sleep.

Health Benefits to Wearing Blue Lense
Blue light that is between 465 nm to 495 nm (see image below), known as blue-turquoise light range, is necessary for vision and the function of our pupillary reflex (when your pupil gets really small if a light is shined into it).

Researchers have shown that long term exposure to blue light can lead to retinal cell death, and in some cases, lead to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Common side effects of too much exposure to blue light have been found in individuals sleeping and rising cycles, as there are disturbances to the natural circadian rhythm with too much stimulation on the eyes at a time of the day when everything should be dark, the night time. The range of blue light that has been found to contribute to the development of AMD is the blue-violet range. This is the range to be most careful to protect yourself against.

Blue light is seen with our naked eye and therefore extends deeper into our eye. Over a period of time, this exposure to blue light can cause damage to the retina (see image to the right).

Despite the fact that prolonged exposure to blue light can be harmful to the retina, not all blue light is harmful and the range that is can be protected with blue coat corrective lenses.

One easy way to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light is to wear a pair of blue light blocking lenses, where the corrective blue coat blocks out harmful rays that are visible to the naked eye. This means that the blue-turquoise portion of the light spectrum is no longer able to pass through your lenses and do damage to the back of your eyes.

Surf, text, email, work, play; whatever it is that you use your tech for, we know you want to feel as comfortable as possible when doing so. Rest easy knowing that blue light corrective lenses are working for you to ensure your eyes are healthy!